Customer satisfaction is what CBM is all about.
We don’t want to lead you by the hand, idly pointing out nice things, or simply drive by, we want to grab you, share our passion and give you the most incredible experience of a part of the world that we are entirely in love with.

There is no better reward for what we do than hearing back from our customers after they have returned from an eventful cruise to find that their time in Italy was something that they will always remember.  Here are a few of our favourite comments –

Video Testimonials

The best day we spent in Rome!
David and Marie, NY, USA

“My wife and I only took the two hour Vatican tour, and I tell you, the guide made it come alive. It was fascinating to listen to her, her passion and knowledge. It was like she opened a whole new world to us. The tapestry room, the Sistine Chapel.. it was the best day we spent in Rome!”

Marina, CBM Tours
Marina, CBM Tours
Wonderful Groups

A part of a wonderful group that took our Naples tour on August 7th. It was a pleasure to meet and spend a day with you all! Thank you Raed Barakat for sending us photos.

Highly Recommended
Ian and Kate, BC, Canada, Royal Caribbean “Brilliance of the Seas” clients
Highly Recommended

We were accompanied all the way there and all the way back. We were met at the train station this morning, it was easy to get there and we were guided right till returning to the train station this evening. Highly Recommended

The guide was fantastic.
Alexander family, Brisbane Australia
The guide was fantastic.

As a family we can’t afford expensive excursions. We were planning to go on our own on the train but we had this opportunity offered to us, so we took a chance. We are so glad we did. We saw more than we had hoped and the guide was fantastic. Looking forward to Sorrento and Pompeii tomorrow with you.