Experience the Real Italy through the ages!

Three classic Italian tours all rolled into one as we take a trip through authentic Italy. On this tour offered from the ports of Naples and Salerno to Pompeii, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, you will experience completely contrasting sides of this beautiful region and experience a unique take on Italian life through the ages.

With your English speaking local expert, CBM make sure that you pack a week’s worth of sites into just one day. Out of the chaos of Naples, the intense and fascinating history of Pompeii and the chic, glamour and natural beauty of the Amalfi Coast, you return to your ship with a full belly, a head full of knowledge and memory card full of photos!


Best Places on the Amalfi Coast

We pick you up right outside the terminal of your ship at 08:00-08:25 and immediately whisk you off in your Air-conditioned bus with your local guide and driver, so that not a moment is wasted.


Escaping the urban sprawl of Naples, we head to Sorrento, the charming and characteristic town that clings to the sea cliffs in a multi-colored splendor that will enchant you from the very first glance.  With views out to Vesuvius and the isle of Capri, we take a 2-hour stop here to let you experience it all.  With a wealth of exceptional restaurants, we encourage you to sample the local cuisine and of course finish it off with a shot or two of Limoncello, the local digestif.  The only issue with sitting on a terrace in Sorrento, glass in hand, staring out at the azure sea is that you might never want to get back up!

Amalfi Coast

Travelling Amalfi Coast is a sheer joy and no doubt you will be formulating plans on how to get a second home here as you pass idyllic villages perched on the cliffs.  As we drive the legendary road we will enjoy numerous photo stops, the views here are intoxicating and it is easy to get drawn into its sun-faded charms.


Then it’s back on the bus as we return up the coast to the unforgettable archeological masterpiece that is Pompeii. Sitting in the shadow of Mt.Vesuvius and testament to its brooding power, this once thriving Roman city was preserved in layers of ash from the volcano’s eruption in 79 AD.

Over the course of a two-hour guided tour, you will be absorbed into this unmatchable archeological experience. The ruins are so well-preserved that the lives of the people here become tangible, become real. It has everything from the simplest of buildings to the grandiose. Temples, theatres, baths and even casts of some of the 1150 bodies that were frozen in ash at the moment of their death, bring the ghost city to life. There really are hardly any superlatives to describe just how rich an experience a visit to Pompeii truly is.

Having packed our day full with a panorama of experiences, we head back to the port discussing the highlights of a wonderful day. In the relaxed mood of the bus at the close of the day, it’s not uncommon to break out in song before arriving at your ship with time to spare before setting sail on this incredible region of Italy.