About CBM

We came to Rome as foreigners, and stayed long enough to become locals. 
Our time in Italy has opened our eyes to the need cruise passengers in particular have for an honest, knowledgeable and courteous point of reference to navigate the short time they have available to visit the most important sights in Rome, the Can’t Be Missed views of Amalfi,  the incredible history of Pompeii and the art and culture of Florence and Pisa.  
Ultimately though, it’s not the itineraries that make CBM Tours successful, but the entire touring experience with us. It’s our guides and staff that truly make the difference. Because of our long-term experience on the ground in Italy, we have been able to select the CRÈME DE LA CRÈME – exceptional individuals who want to provide the best personal, entertaining and informative experience possible to you, our guests. They are part of our Team because they are not only qualified and competent, but because that they value you as much as we do. 

Come and meet us on one of our Can’t Be Missed excursions!